Great reviews of Goodbye Deponia

Goodbye Deponia, the final part of the Deponia-Trilogy, is out now receiving a lot of great reviews from the international and national press. This is also represented by a current Metascore of 88 points.

Cheat Code Central describes Goodbye Deponia as “a great finish to a truly original tale, and a trilogy that anyone not already familiar with the series should absolutely purchase and enjoy,” giving a 92. The French experts of summarize: “Goodbye Deponia is a fantastic episode to end this point ’n’ click saga … Let’s just hope that it is not completely finished and that we will find Rufus and Goal in a new adventure soon!” and express their love with a score of 90! “This is one of the best graphic adventures we’ve played in the last few years, at least with classic gameplay mechanics. Great story, great characters, great puzzles and one of the best closures for a trilogy we’ve seen in a while”, so Vandal Online from Spain.
As mentioned, not only the international press is impressed, but the German press as well. states: “I love the Daedalic games for having a seemingly silly surface, with serious adult topics underneath. That makes Goodbye Deponia not just a great adventure, but an outstanding game. Because it is more than just a game” and gives a score of 91.

Goodbye Deponia is available via Steam for 17,99€.


Goodbye Deponia out now!

It’s done! The final part of the multiple first-rated Deponia-series is available now for PC and Mac. You can download Goodbye Deponia from several stores like steam for example. For people who are still hesitating, there is an exclusive Trailer on Gametrailers for you. We wish you loads of fun with Goodbye Deponia.

Pre-order now and receive a big bonus!

Goodbye Deponia Steam screenshotNow here’s something special: If you pre-order Goodbye Deponia now on Steam, you will not only receive a discount of 10 %, but also a FREE additional copy of Chaos on Deponia. Ain’t that grand?

Click here to place your pre-order:

Btw, the Steam release date has been brought forward to October 18th, 2013 – a few days less of waiting. :)

The long wait will end soon

goodbyedeponiascreenshot06Still four long weeks to wait, Goodbye Deponia will be released on the 22nd of October. Accompany Rufus and Goal on their last adventure. The final part of the trilogy will be three times better than its predecessors… promised!

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